Welcome to Ambilands.

Explore, loot and craft wherever you are. Build your home, make friends and explore an endless open world that is familiar, yet completely new.

Discover your area in a whole new way.

Ambilands is a location-based free-to-play farming and survival game based on real map data.

Meet the residents.

Get to know the different characters, trade with them and complete numerous exciting quests.

Experience a vibrant wildlife.

Discover a variety of different animals – in both urban and rural areas. Build a stable and give them a new home.

Keep up with your latest discoveries.

There is a lot to discover in Ambilands. Keep track of everything with the help of your adventure book.

Visit real existing waters and cast your line.

A minigame allows you to land a wide variety of fish, depending on the weather and time of day.

Become a farmer.

Set up a planter box. Plant, cultivate and harvest a variety of crops. Let the rain water your bed automatically.

Browse the neighborhood for items.

Mine rubble, chop down trees and loot everything you can find. Find valuable materials in car and bus wrecks or at your local store.

Enjoy nature to the fullest.

Real conditions have an influence on the game. Witness an incomparable connection between the real world and the game world.